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Is This One of Your Spooky-Do's Then ?

Anyone else out there get a little bit of a spine tingle seeing that Doctor Who's new spin-off Class debuted on the 10th anniversary of Torchwood's debut?

And considering also, that it looks like Torchwood crossed with the Sarah Jane Adventures ...

Anyways, it debuts in Sydney tonight and I shall certainly be giving it a go ... because, you know, look what happened the last time I gave a Dr Who spin-off a go ...

Privilege, What Privilege?

I'm not a big fan of people pointing out White Privilege in the media all the time. Yes, I know it infiltrates almost everything we see in the Western World media but pointing it out all the time also sucks all the fun out of things.

Even so, I saw two things this week that even I couldn't ignore.

The first was the movie Storks. I came out of that very bemused and more than a little annoyed. Yes there were a few different non-white babies in there but they were not on screen very long and OMG everything else was White, White, White.

The second one was just this afternoon and comes under the heading of 'Did They Really Do That With Completely Straight Faces' ??? This very pretty song by Josh Pyke & Justine Clarke - Words Make The World Go Around was released recently in Australia to support Indigenous Literacy Week. See if you can spot the problem. I'm not sure if they just forgot to include any Indigenous People in it, or they think that only White People can help Indigenous People kidz lern to reed.

Hearts in the right place, but still a fail mark to both of them.

Rest in Peace, Gene Wilder

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 8.28.30 am

Delight of my childhood and well beyond.

A Torchwood Translation Challenge

A while back, starfishstar did a series of drabbles for the foreign languages challenge at tw100

Since then they have been translated into German and Russian.

Now she is inviting people to come along and translate them into even more languages, just for fun.

Go here for more information and let's see how many different languages we can get to.


Torchwood Ruins Real Life, Part the Next


This article on the news yesterday made me smile sadly to myself

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Happy Birthday

To stageira wherever you are !

Come back soon !

A Cooking Tip

From someone who really should know better by now :-

Do NOT be sauteing vegetables, with a pinch of ground cumin ... a pinch of black pepper ... a pinch of chilli powder ...

And then absently rub your eye.

I lost count of the number of times I said ohgodd-ohgodd-ohgodd-ohgodd-ohgodd!

I don't know if the tears made it better or worse.

Torchwood Ruins Real Life

Ahahaha - a question on The Chase (Australia) this afternoon was,

" In what British country are the mountains called the 'Brecon Beacons' ? "

I almost snorted the tea I was drinking and called out -

" Don't care - just ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun !!! "

LJ You Are So Bad For Me

I have been trying to disentangle myself from LJ for several years now.

I thought, even though I run a comm now, I could still just pop in once a week, add the new challenge, read the entries and maybe a new story/entry or two, and leave again for another week - but it never works out like that.

I still can't go more than 12 hours without checking in to see if there's anything interesting.

Two years ago I let my paid account lapse, deliberately ... and lasted two days before I caved and threw money at it for another 12 months. Last year I lasted all of five days before I threw more money at it. You see, I hate living without the "view in your own style" feature. I can live without everything else a paid account offers, but not that.

It's not that everybody else on LJ has bad taste in journals styles, it's that with my poor eyesight some styles are just a pain in the arse to try and read. The worst is anything with a black background and small print. It doesn't matter what colour the print is, although some are better than others. So guess what style the TW100 comm uses? That's right, an all black background with tiny red print. The only comm I need to look at each week is a pain the arse - or eyes, as the case may be.

So I finally caved again. Although this year I think I deserve some kind of medal, because I lasted 10 weeks before I caved in, late last night, and dragged out the credit card. So it looks like I'm here to stay for another year, and getting a life away from the computer goes on hold again.

Still on LJ but on an unrelated topic: I kept trying to change the number of entries displayed on my home page and friends page, up from 20 to 50. I found where to do it and tried several times last week, and it kept not doing it. I thought maybe it was because I only had a basic account, so I tried again several times last night and it still didn't work. Took some more playing around and looking around before I figured it out - it does work - but only on the new version! I can have it if I give up the old version and go for the soulless washed out ugly new version. That's just mean, LJ, so you can keep it and put it where the sun don't shine because I don't need it that much.

This article link was on my local news website this morning.

I don't know whose house they're referring to but it's certainly not mine :)

Somewhere between Martha Stewart and Quentin Crisp, I discovered long ago that nobody ever dies from dirty windows or a fine layer of dust on the furniture.

And as long as there is too much interesting stuff to read in the world, house-work is always going to lose out. As it should.
People keep congratulating me on my new car.

The credit union ladies congratulated me when I went in to transfer monies to the new car dealership.

The insurance ladies congratulated me when I went to transfer my policy from the old car to the new car.

The salesman at the dealership congratulated me several times, including once with a nice bottle of wine.

Family and friends have also done the same, although no more wine was forthcoming.

Doesn't anybody understand ???

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You Say Anal, I Say I Know ...

Is it too anal that some days I sit and count the number of words in the drabbles on TW100?

Not all of them, just the ones that look too short or too long.

I am a moderator there so it could be seen as part of the job description and not just something a bit creepy or like I have too much time on my hands.

But really, it is a bit of a worry, isn't it?
I have had another small tidy-up of my flist.

I wish all the best to those I've said good-bye to.
Wishing starfishstar a very Happy Birthday!

Thank you for being part of the LJ Torchwood fandom :)
Happy Birthday, veronicaluv !

Any chance us hardy TW fans will get a birthday present soon :)
Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 7.33.17 pm


Words fail me today, which is probably a good thing.

Rolls Eyes

Okay, I clicked something I shouldn't have, and now I have the (still) horrible new look journal and feed.

Please remind me again how I go back to the old version.

Thank you kindly.
ETA - Suck eggs, Livejournal! I figured it out and got my old style back again :)

**Pets screen lovingly**

Another One Bites the Dust

Went to my LJ tracking list a little while ago to get someone's AO3 username and noticed as I glanced down the list that another LJ username now had a strike-through.

felt_so_alive has deleted their journal.

Lucky for me I saved all the goodies, yeah ?

Whatever happened must have been pretty dramatic because their AO3 and ff.net accounts are also gone.

From miss-zedem to avon-09 to lawford, and many others, why do you do this?

If you're unhappy enough to want to go, just go, but why hurt the rest of us as well?


Audio Plays

I'm looking to read any fan reviews of the first audio play by Big Finish.

If you have written one or know someone who has - or you want to give a short review in comments, please do, and/or link me to the reviews.

Thank you in advance.


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