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Torchwood Ruins Real Life #...

Every time I read about the Vagus Nerve I hear John Hart's voice extolling the delights of the Vegas Galaxy.

That's all.

Sigh ... and a Question

Another one of my childhood heroes gone too soon.

Pancreatic cancer seems to be claiming more and more lives.

Screen Shot 2017-02-10 at 4.37.53 pm

I heard recently that Peter Capaldi is finishing up his stint as the Doctor. This was a surprise because I thought I read somewhere that he was in for a long run.

But the surprise came when I was told there were rumours of trying to bring back David Tennant or - godd help us, Mat Smith - to play the Doctor again.

Anyone heard / read anything along these lines ?

There's a problem but where is it ?

For the last couple of days I haven't been getting email notifications of comments or posts to comms and journals.

Has this been happening to anyone else?

The last time I had email problems it was with my internet provider but I also know that LJ can screw up too.

I definitely know I'm not getting notifications from LJ but how do I find out who else's emails are not getting through if they can't answer me?

Well there goes a whole heap of TW history


I know it's all on DW and AO3 but this is where it all started.


A lot.

I need one of my Aussie friends to make me a "Not Happy, Jan" icon ...

Wait - WHAT ???

Yesterday I was quietly worried that something would happen to Robbie Williams.

I so did not see this coming.

Screen Shot 2016-12-29 at 2.17.52 pm

Dear Robbie, please come and hide under the bed with me until the end of the year - yes, yes, bring the wife and kids too.


This year needs to end right now.

Seriously, right now, before I lose any more of my beloved childhood and teenage heroes.

From Gene Wilder to Rick Parfitt to George Michael, and now Carrie Fisher.

There are probably others that I should recall but this rush of dying at the end of the year has created a bit of a white noise in my head.

Oh yes: Florence Henderson, Robert Vaughn, Doris Roberts, Abe Vigoda, Alan Rickman - not to mention Prince and David Bowie.

There's a bit of a wary, morbid fascination each morning now when I get up and go and tap the computer awake to see what news has broken overnight - but I will be completely happy if my curiosity is not rewarded again before the end of the year. KTHX.

Question for my Flist ...

Because I have had a hard year, a hard month, and finally, a hard last week or two, and this just happened, to add final insult to injury.

My sister-in-law just rang, to confirm that Ian and I were coming to Christmas lunch. We chatted for about five minutes and then she said she'd better go so she could make the next phone call.

I jumped in before she could go to ask if she'd worked out what everyone was bringing towards lunch. She said yes, and rattled off (or read off from her list mostly likely) what each and every woman in the family was making and bringing. It was quite a comprehensive list - a long list of very delicious food. And most people were bringing two or three dishes. I asked her if that was all and she must have heard some of the confusion in my voice because she asked if I thought that was enough food? I said yes it all sounded delicious, and we hung up shortly after.

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For years I used to think this was a crazy urban myth.

This is a slight alteration on the original, which used to be a turkey stuffed with a duck stuffed with a chicken.

Thanks Aldi ... I think.


ps - no I did not buy one even though I was sorely tempted.

For the Lulz

Screen Shot 2016-11-14 at 1.10.27 pm

The title of this article said something about a reunion and an award...

I looked and looked at this picture trying to work out who the happy broad in the middle was...

It's Billie Piper!

Granted it IS almost ten years on but FFS I recognise the other two noggins without any help!

Is my facial recognition 'software' so bad that brown hair means I couldn't pick her out in a line-up? That is so sad!

That'll Learn Me ...

Something to take my mind off the US election results.

Screen Shot 2016-11-13 at 5.51.35 pm

There's been a hot wind roaring around western Sydney all day. We saw a huge bush fire burning near Penrith as we drove home from a day out at Richmond ... that was 2pm ...

5pm now and sirens have been wailing up and down the highway at the bottom of our street for the past hour and I just presumed there was a fire further west towards Katoomba ... nooooooooo ... That fire is burning less than 3km east of us ...

You Say Banana, I Say Republic ...


Don't nag me.

Just let me get it out of my system.

I'm sure it'll turn out better than it looks like at the moment.


Seriously ???


Who thought this was a good idea ?????

Is This One of Your Spooky-Do's Then ?

Anyone else out there get a little bit of a spine tingle seeing that Doctor Who's new spin-off Class debuted on the 10th anniversary of Torchwood's debut?

And considering also, that it looks like Torchwood crossed with the Sarah Jane Adventures ...

Anyways, it debuts in Sydney tonight and I shall certainly be giving it a go ... because, you know, look what happened the last time I gave a Dr Who spin-off a go ...

Privilege, What Privilege?

I'm not a big fan of people pointing out White Privilege in the media all the time. Yes, I know it infiltrates almost everything we see in the Western World media but pointing it out all the time also sucks all the fun out of things.

Even so, I saw two things this week that even I couldn't ignore.

The first was the movie Storks. I came out of that very bemused and more than a little annoyed. Yes there were a few different non-white babies in there but they were not on screen very long and OMG everything else was White, White, White.

The second one was just this afternoon and comes under the heading of 'Did They Really Do That With Completely Straight Faces' ??? This very pretty song by Josh Pyke & Justine Clarke - Words Make The World Go Around was released recently in Australia to support Indigenous Literacy Week. See if you can spot the problem. I'm not sure if they just forgot to include any Indigenous People in it, or they think that only White People can help Indigenous People kidz lern to reed.

Hearts in the right place, but still a fail mark to both of them.

Rest in Peace, Gene Wilder

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 8.28.30 am

Delight of my childhood and well beyond.

A Torchwood Translation Challenge

A while back, starfishstar did a series of drabbles for the foreign languages challenge at tw100

Since then they have been translated into German and Russian.

Now she is inviting people to come along and translate them into even more languages, just for fun.

Go here for more information and let's see how many different languages we can get to.


Torchwood Ruins Real Life #...


This article on the news yesterday made me smile sadly to myself

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Happy Birthday

To stageira wherever you are !

Come back soon !


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